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Norwegian - On Air episode #8: Slots

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2018 09:23 BST

You voted for slots to be the topic of the next episode of our podcast, Norwegian – On Air. And here it is! 

The airport slots Norwegian holds has a big impact on our passengers and for the company. Airport slots have been sought-after since the 1960s, when airports began to fill up. How is the system for allocating slots at constrained airports? According to the trade body, International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) “slot allocation guidelines”, the slots from last season can be kept as long as it has been used at least 80% of the designated time. How is this practiced and how can delays impact whether an airline can hold on to their slots or not? What is really the value of a slot at a constrained airport like Paris, LGW or JFK?

And most importantly: How does Norwegian work to shape future policy for slots allocation to make sure competition stays fair?

In the latest episode, Head of Strategic Capacity and Slot Policy, Sebastian Pellisier, provides the answers to these questions and many more.